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SWAN CARRIERS LTD is a family group owned Private Limited Liability Kenyan Company. The idea of Swan Carriers came into the family in 1978-1979. Although the company was incorporated in 1980. The name “swan” came from the bird. The swan is a pure bird witnessed with beauty, wealth and good luck.


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Background And History

The company has been in the family for generations. It is currently being operated by the 4th generation. Swan Carriers Ltd has a long history. In the mid-40’s the forefathers had started a small shop. They were then joined by the second generation. The small shop started expanding and diversifying into a garments shop.
Swan Industries Kenya was born. The company used to deal with re-packaging of salt, milk powder, edible fats, sodium bicarbonate, curry powder, baking powder and many more. They were also manufacturers of a wide range of confectionery items. The company had a special manufacturing unit in Kisumu (Kenya) from where it exports its products to neighboring countries in East Africa like Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan, Dr Congo and Uganda. As of date, the family still sells baking powder as a memento of the start from where the business grew.The re-packing items like salt was to be transported from Mombasa to Kisumu. For that transportation a truck was needed. A truck was bought. This initiated an independent transport company, Swan Carriers Ltd.


Slowly and steadily the fleet was increased. As the family was also in manufacturing wheat mill and maize mill, Swan Millers which had to be transported from Kisumu to all other regions in Kenya especially Nairobi and Mombasa. Those vehicles came loaded with goods from Nairobi to Kisumu from various companies.
By 1994-1995, SCL had 10 CXZ vehicles, a couple of ISUZU, EVECO and MITSUBISHI trucks. With time, Swan Carriers grew. There were around 650 trucks turn over. The company has a policy of replacing vehicles every four years. Gradually, we expanded and opened offices in Nairobi and Mombasa.
By 2000’s we did parcel services. We were also the sole transporters for Bidco, transporting goods all over Kenya for around 18-19 years. We also transported sugar and tea to Coast region from Nyanza/ Western. The trucks turnover increased from 10 to 150

1980 - Company Started

Originally the Head Office was in Kisumu and now the head quarters have been moved to Athi River.

1998 - Office Branches

Branch offices are in now in Kisumu, Thika and Mombasa

2000 - Vehicles Adding

We currently own a fleet of 250 vehicles of various makes, sizes, capacities

2020 - Company Employees

The company employs over 800 staff directly and indirectly

Our Directors

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Kiran Shah (Kiru)


“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” – Richard Branson

Nishal Shah


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